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GINEX is an international Internet exchange of gaming facilities enabling the gamers (users) and vendors (game manufacturers) to sell on the global market their gaming products, accounts, currencies and bonuses.

The convenience and functionality are the basis of GINEX. The vendors’ simple access to the market, the easy entry and withdrawal of moneys, convenient purchasing, safe transactions and reliable account protection, a vast number of gaming systems and multiple language support, such are by far incomplete merits of the proposed system.

GINEX will become the first international exchange supplying the gaming facilities and currencies as commodities that form the basis of market relations between the users and the vendors.

Today, a prototype of the international Internet exchange of gaming facilities has been created and intellectual property right obtained.

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GINEX Opportunities

Cash settlement to and withdrawal from fiat gaming accounts
Publication of information about games, gaming objects, bonuses and services
Lot placement and gaming currency sale
Lot placement and gaming objects sale
Purchase and sale of tokens of gaming systems and projects
Lot placement and gaming bonuses sale
Lot placement and games sale
International Acquiring
Promotion and Advertising


2017, February - June
GINEX prototype development, intellectual property rights registration
2017, December
Development of a smart contract, whitepaper and landing-page preparation
June 7
Ginex Tech Ltd registration, Pre-ICO start
September 8
Pre-ICO end, ICO start
October 8
Summing up and further work on GINEX

ICO details

Emission of tokens

What is a GINEX token: a GNX token is a proof of participation in the project. It gives you a right to access the profit distribution of the project that is ensured by a smart contract on the basis of Ethereum.
Payment structure: A smart contract allows token owners to receive quarterly profit from the project depending on the acquired share in the total number of tokens.
Controllability: Ownership of GNX tokens by Ginex Tech Ltd is excluded. GNX tokens will not be issued again. GNX tokens will be cryptographic markers based on Ethereum.

Abbreviation: GNX. 
Number of tokens issued: Adjusted automatically on the basis of a smart contract depending on the demand of ICO participants.
Number of token allowed for the purchase: Not limited.
Price per token: 0,001 ETH (approximately USD 1).

Accepted currency on ICO: ETH. 
Pre-ICO bonuses:
  • Stage 1: +30% of bonus tokens;
  • Stage 2: +15 % of bonus tokens;
  • Stage 3: +10 % of bonus tokens;
  • Stage 4: +5 % of bonus tokens.

ICO: 7.06.2018 – 8.10.2018.

Token Distribution

80%Goes to contributors
10%For founders
5%To Advisers

Bonus tokens for the contributors

1) Current ICO bonus
2) Next ICO round bonus:


Calculated from the bounty pool (5%)
Take your bounty!

Exchanges we plan to be listed on:

Bancor Bancor CEX.io Coinrail EtherDelta HitBTC IDEX Live Coin Mercatox Orderbook Poloniex YoBit.net


We publish our source code on GitHub because of a strong will to be fair and square.

Our team

Dr. Apollon V. Stepanov
Founder, CEO
A scientist and businessman. He was a founder of CRT, LLC and Systems, LLC. He was Director General at Systems, LLC. He has experience in scientific subdivision management. Mr. Stepanov was a leader and participant of a range of grant studies in the sphere of high technologies.
Julia A. Savicheva
A programmer. She has an extensive experience in development of high-load systems, scientific and commercial activity. She was a founder and technical director at Systems, LLC. She developed solutions in the field of banking activity, electronic bidding and electronic commerce systems, social networks. She was a leader and participant of a range of scientific grant studies in the sphere of high technologies.
Nikolay S. Moiseev
He has experience in commercial activity and IT companies. He was a founder and commercial director at Systems, LLC. Mr. Moiseev participated in the implementation of projects in the sphere of automation of business processes, information systems in the social and business spheres.
Maria V. Stolyarova
Director of international relations
She is experienced in translation and interpreting and worked as a manager of the international relations and innovation activity department of Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Languages: English (advanced), French (intermediate), Hindi (intermediate), Chinese (beginner), Portuguese (beginner).
Dr. Valeriy V. Sapunov
He has a several years’ experience in research and development in the field of high technologies. He was a founder and leader at the Center for Resource-Saving Technologies.
Kirill V. Kiselev
Software Engineer
He has a several years’ experience in software development in the sphere of e-commerce, logistics and financial technology.

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